Spring Clean Your Diet

As we bid adieu to the many centimetres of snow and the bone-chilling winds this winter has brought us, a lot of us are getting our hands into some spring cleaning.

While you’re tossing out old junk, and storing away your winter essentials, cleaning up your diet is a step that will be beneficial as the weather starts to warm up.


Spring brings seasonal vegetables that you can add to your diet. Seasonal vegetables like broccoli, spinach, leeks, and watercress are all packed with nutrients and vitamins that will aid in your daily springtime diet.


You don’t usually hear about seasonal meats but there are meats that are more popular at certain points of the year. Lamb is a popular spring item with Easter just around the corner, and chicken becomes more popular as summer rolls around. Getting the right kinds of meat into your diet (think top grade, naturally raised meat) will help aid in a cleaner diet.

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Keeping It Simple

When you’re changing your diet, and trying to eat clean, sometimes the very thought of it can feel overwhelming. Keep things simple by preparing simple meals like steamed greens and baked chicken. Eating a big salad on it’s own or a smoothie are also easy simple clean solutions.

Chicken Teriyaki with Green Beans


Enjoy Being Active

Now that the weather will start to warm up, it will be a lot easier to be active. Once the snow mountains start to melt, we can start getting outdoors for long walks, hikes, bike rides, and other activities we couldn’t enjoy while being snowed in.


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(Written by: Deneé Hall – Content Creator)

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